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We’re a small local worm breeder here in mid Missouri. We are currently breeding Red Wigglers, Indian Blues and European nightcrawlers.  We sell worm castings and worm tea for your plants, gardens, worm farms, cannabis, or composting needs. Our worms create MO castings every day! Catch MO fish with our nightcrawlers! Create MO organic living soil with our worms. Makes your cannabis grow MO better. Due to the health and safety of the worms, worms are shipped separately from products. We ship our orders on Mondays only. Orders must be in by Saturday morning at 9:00am to be shipped the following Monday morning. We reserve the right to send or hold worms due to weather conditions. If weather is too cold, we will not send until better temperatures arise. Our Indian Blues are bred and stored in a different building than our Reds and Euros to prevent cross contamination.

Our Worms and Mission

It is our company's goal to provide the healthiest worms we can grow for our customers. All of our bedding, food etc. for our worms is organic as we can obtain and naturally sourced if possible. Let us help you grow healthier plants and create living soil for a more substantial and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

About Us

Robert Sterling

Owner operator

Here at Missouri Worm Supply, we thrive to provide the healthiest worms we can grow. Providing the best composting worms in the world is our goal. We are currently a small company and take pride that our worms have the best environment to live in and take care to ship only healthy worms. 


We are a small company and ship all over the USA. If you're a local customer, please message us and we can arrange pick-up or meet-up which will save you shipping and provide a stress-free product. Support local businesses. 

Jefferson City Missouri

2634 Industrial Drive Unit L2 Jefferson City Missouri 65080

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